Environment definition, part 2.

Source Control System

Do not believe you may engage yourself in project planned to be write during several days without source control system even if the project is built by a single person. It’s not mandatory to activate the source control in Unreal Editor itself nor in the IDE. My advice, for an easiest usage, is to rely on Git or SVN as source control engine and to drive this from simple-to-use GUI. Decoupling the source control engine and the IDE/Unreal Editor is my preferred way ; in the following articles, GIT+TortoiseGit are the chosen ones.

First, the source control systems act as a backup for the codebase. If something goes wrong, such as a system crash or a hardware failure, developers can recover their code from the source control system.

Second, branching and tagging allow developers to create branches and tags, which are useful for managing different versions of the codebase, such as experimental features, bug fixes, and releases.

Third, source control systems can be integrated with other tools, such as build systems and testing frameworks, to automate the software development process. This enables developers to continuously build, test, and deploy their code, ensuring that it is always in a working state.

Overall, using a source control system provides developers with a structured and organized approach to software development, making it easier to manage and track changes to their codebase.

In Git, the following object may be ignored from the .gitignore file:

# Visual Studio 2015 user specific files

# Compiled Object files

# Precompiled Headers

# Compiled Dynamic libraries

# Fortran module files

# Compiled Static libraries

# Executables

# These project files can be generated by the engine

# Precompiled Assets

# Binary Files

# Builds


# Whitelist PakBlacklist-<BuildConfiguration>.txt files

# Don't ignore icon files in Build

# Built data for maps

# Configuration files generated by the Editor

# Compiled source files for the engine to use

# Cache files for the editor to use

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