Dune game is a free online adaptation of the 1979 Avalon Hill’s hit game.


I had the opportunity to make severals sessions of this game which has a such special atmosphere. Bluff, betrayals, game changers and asymetric elements make the game really strategic and enjoyable.

On the contrary, the reflexion time required for each player and regular rules checkings, make slow turns that implies each game to be quite long so it’s hard to find friends free enough for a full live game ; this is even more true that the more players are present, the more exciting the game is.

As the planning of the games became more and more difficult to organize, the idea came to port this game online so that it can be played either synchronously – like a classic table-top- either asynchronously with a notification system to let the player know when his turn comes. Moreover a such approach allows also to implement a rule engine wich act as an automatic “Judge of the Change” :-p

Few months of development later ; a first version was available online at: