Environment definition, part 1.

Integrated development environments (IDEs)

The minimum ability a good IDE must have, is code completion, syntax colouring and efficient debug. For unreal environment, JetBrain Rider is a good candidate. Visual Studio may also be considered in accordance with your own taste. After a long tests and tries between both, Rider is the chosen one. As a native Java Engineer, Rider is the one that suit me the best without changing my habits. In the next articles you’ll discover that some of my convention code choices are not the state of the art for C++ but the ones that suit me the best.

Code completion can be helpful in many ways. It can save time by reducing the need for developers to type out long and complex code snippets, and it can also help to prevent syntax errors by providing suggestions based on the context of the code. Additionally, code completion can help to improve code consistency and reduce the likelihood of typos and other errors.

Syntax coloring is a feature that highlights different elements of a code file with different colors, making it easier for developers to read.

In JetBrain Rider, ensure to activate the debug configuration else intermediate variables content will not be correclty displayed :

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